AC Hipots PFT Series (Portable)

ac hipots_portable-pft-1003ac hipots_portable-The PFT Series of AC hipots are ideal for testing many types of substation apparatus, motors/generators, isophase bus, and other loads requiring an AC withstand test. The HVI AC hipots are among the smallest, lightest, and most economical available while delivering higher power ratings and features not found elsewhere. For example: the PFT-503CM is the only single piece, 50 kVac @ 3 kVA, shielded cable output hipot produced, used worldwide for testing vacuum bottles, switchgear, reclosures, circuit breakers, etc.

Standard models are available from 10 kVac – 100 kVac and rated 1 kVA – 3 kVA. Custom built models are available up to 300 kVac @ 20 kVA, offering analog or digital metering, automatic and programmable controls, capacitive current cancellation, guard/ground current readings, D149, etc. See the AC Dielectric Test Sets section under the Products menu.

ac hipots_portable-pft-503Model PFT-503CMac hipots_portable-pft_panel

Only single piece, shielded cable output AC hipot rated 50 kVac @ 3 kVA. Half the size and weight of others and easier to use.

Vacuum bottles should be tested with AC voltage only. This is the model to use.





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