Aerial Lift & ISO Phase Testers

Booms & Liners
HVI produces several AC testers to cover all boom and liner testing, with models available up to 300 kVac for boom testing and 10 kVA for liner testing. The popular ALT-120/60, designed to meet ANSI A92.2 testing, is the most powerful and full featured standard aerial lift tester available. It delivers up to 120 kV for boom testing and up to 7 kVA of power for testing nearly all liners and other high capacitance loads requiring an AC withstand test. For DC voltage testing, see the PTS Series of DC Hipots for our highly popular PTS-100.

The 0–60 kVac/0–120 kVac model ALT-120/60 provides a higher power rating than others: 7 kVA capacitive for one hour – 4 kVA resistive continuous duty. It offers a 250 uA current meter range, rugged, transit protected, anti-static glass front meters, a guard/ground circuit, test timer, and an internal voltmeter divider. There is no better truck tester.

Also suitable for testing high capacitance substation apparatus, like iso phase bus.

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