Raytech Test Equipment


spy mark 3 t rex s tr1p micro jr 2s mcii s wr50-12s wr 14s mjo4 s2

TR-Spy Mark III

Transformer Turns Ratio Meter


Three Phase Voltage Vertor measuring Option for TR-Spy

TR-1 & TR-1P

Battery Operated Single Phase Ratio Meter

Micro-Jr 2

10A Micro-Ohm Meter

Micro Centurion II

200A Micro-Ohm Meter


Winding Resistance Meter 


Battery Operated Winding Resistance Meter


Kelvin Test Probes


Raytech are a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision electronic measuring instruments and systems, providing today's market with reliable, rugged, and accurate products, along with unsurpassed customer service.

Raytech’s rugged test equipment is designed for easy operation, precision accuracy while obtaining quick results. Each system produced undergoes extensive testing with valued input from our customers. Raytech products are designed to give users many years of trouble free use, which is why we can offer a five year warranty.

All Raytech products, even retired products that are no longer in production are still 100% supported.


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