Transducers & Panel Instruments

Analog Panel Instruments 




Current Transformers



Moving coil instruments, moving iron instruments and bi-metal strip instruments Our high quality panel instruments have been distributed around the world for decades. The instruments are mainly used for generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. Standard sizes are 48x48, 72x72 and 96x96 mm Other sizes like 144x144 mm or edgewise instruments are available.

Solid core (MAK) and Split core (SCT) MAK: The MAK series is a solid core current transformers used in the field to measure low voltage. Standard range from 40 to 8000A, secondary 1A or 5A.
Accuracy class: 0.2S, 0.2, 0.5S, 0.5, 1.0 SCT:The SCT series is a split core current transformers. Standard range from 100 to 6000A, secondary 1A or 5A.
Accuracy class: 1 or 3



Discrete Transducers


Modbus Transducers

The series of Discretes transducer can measure all electrical quantities, both AC and DC, such as current, voltage, power, frequency, resistance and so on. The transducers are mounted on DIN-rail type DIN EN 50022 35. The larger case sizes also have screw fixing.

The transducers are made to SS/IEC 688-2. All products are CE-marked in accordance with the EMC Directive and .

Shunts are available with and without Socket. With sockets Shunts are available for most rated currents.




Progammable Transducers 




DPT series of programmable transducers can measure electrical quantities such as current, voltage, power, reactive power, apparent power, frequency and power factor. All outpus are galvanically isolated from each other and from the rest of transducer. DPT series is available with up to four programmable analogue outputs, two digital outputs and RS485 Modbus functionality. The transducers are complying as per IEC 60688 standard.

The Modbus transducer (MFT 100) measure energy parameters along with key electrical instantaneous parameters. The product is DIN Rail mounted and MODBUS RTU support for remote interrogation of parameters. MFT 100 is ideal for control panels, SCADA, Utility power monitoring, building energy management system applications.

Input voltage: 3x110V or 3x400V 50Hz 
- Input current: 1 or 5A 
- Internally powered 
- Accuracy class 0.2 or 0.5

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