High Voltage Test Equipment


high-voltage-cable-fault-locator-thumper high-voltage-oil-testers high-voltage-vlf-hipot-partial-discharge-tan-delta pst-ac-hipots hp-ac-hipots high-voltage-dc-hipots high-voltage-hv-divider high-voltage-aerial-lift-and-iso-phase-tester
Cable Fault
Locator Thumper
Oil Testers VLF Hipot Partial
Discharge Tan Delta
AC Hipots PFT Series (Portable) AC Hipots
(Hight Power series)
DC HiPots HV Divider Aerial Lift & ISO Phase Testers


High Voltage, Inc. specializes in high voltage test equipment for utility and industrial applications. They design and produce the most technically advanced and easy to use products for high voltage proof and preventive maintenance testing of electrical apparatus and power cable. AC hipots, AC Dielectric Test Sets, DC Hipots, Oil Dielectric Testers, Aerial Lift & Bucket Truck Testers, Cable Fault Locators, Surge Generators, TDR, VLF Hipots, Tan Delta and HV Dividers. The new generation of test equipment offers superior specifications and many benefits over the competition. The products are generally less expensive, smaller, lighter and incorporate significant design, specification, and operational advantages over all others. They are the market leader in Very Low Frequency (VLF) AC Hipot technology, used for field testing power cable and rotating machinery. Utilities worldwide are turning to VLF AC cable testing since the introduction of the patented VLF products.

High Voltage, Inc's. quality management system has been approved to: ISO 9001 : 2008

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